StudioRedBank is dedicated to fostering a community of innovators, by assisting aspiring entrepreneurs to make their ideas a reality.

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

Where Do New Ideas Come From?

A new idea comes from a puzzle that is yet to be solved. Some solutions are found accidentally, some through brainstorming and others are found online.

Have you ever thought that you could do something better? Have you thought you had the missing link? Well then you are in great company. Many successful entrepreneurs have found themselves in similar situations. The only difference between you and them could be that you haven’t started yet. Any idea big or small can make a difference in the world and you could be the link that completes the connection.

If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them.

We Can Help.

Studio Red Bank has a team of experienced mentors who are looking to give back to the community by assisting aspiring entrepreneurs. Our community will help you to refine your idea and your business model, preparing you for the next stages of development for your service or product.

Normally, accelerators and incubators working with start-ups demand a percentage of equity. We do things a little differently. We started StudioRedBank as a vehicle for our mentors to “pay it forward” to aspiring entrepreneurs. We expect nothing in return to help progress your idea through Step 5 below. Our hope is to foster the emergence of new innovators while strengthening our community.

Step 1

Develop Your Idea.

First, formalize your idea by writing it down, and then elaborate on it. Focus on the unique aspects, explain what is new or different about your idea, or how it solves a problem better or cheaper – these are the elements that attract investors.

Step 2

Submit Your Idea.

Tell us why your idea matters and what makes it new, different and great. Next, tell us what you’ve done to bring your idea to life. Do you have a business plan or a revenue model?  If you do not have any of these, don’t worry, we just want to know where to start. We believe strongly in protecting your intellectual property. Read how.

Step 3

Review Your Idea.

The team at StudioRedBank will review your idea and provide feedback within a week.  If your idea is accepted, your mentor will contact you with the next steps.

Step 4

Discuss Your Idea at the Studio.

If we feel we can help, we’ll invite you to the studio to meet with your mentors.  Here, we will review your idea with you and discuss the next steps. Together, we will produce a plan for demo day.

Step 5

Prepare to Present Your Idea.

We will help you through the process of developing a business plan and revenue model that will guide your company's success. We will also help you prepare a presentation/video and walk you through a demo day rehearsal.